Company Overview

Malarkey Roofing Products of Oregon has been manufacturing innovative shingles since the 1950s. They introduced metric fiberglass shingles to the US market in the 70s, and created the first SBS modified laminated shingle in 1997. This family-owned company offers a full line of roofing shingles, from basic 20-year 3-tabbed to the top-line Legacy brand.

Malarkey Shingles Warranty

Each of the Malarkey shingle brands carries a specific warranty, from 20 to 50 years duration. Some lines include 3M Algae Block treatment, too. In addition, buyers can opt for the Your Choice Warranty Program, a unique plan that dramatically broadens potential coverage.

Malarkey Ecoasis Shingles

Malarkey’s newest release, Ecoasis, offers 40- and 50-year solar reflective (Energy Star “cool roof”) premium shingles. This caps off their 3 laminated brands: Legacy 50-year(SBS modified), Northwest XL 40-year, and Highlander-CS 30-year. Malarkey also manufactures traditional 3-tab designs: Alaskan 35-year and DuraSeal in 20- and 25-year weights. Most lines offer regional choices for California and Canada in a range of color blends.

Choose Your Color and Styles

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